Surfing The Menu
Surfing the Menu in the Southern Lakes, New Zealand

Cooking Travel Show

Bender and Mark are in a chopper with wilderness expert Jeremaia Fisk taking them out to Big Bay past snow covered peaks and thick dense forests to meet back-woodsman Dale Hunter and to have a surf on the most deserted wave in the world.

When they arrive, Dale has just killed a deer that Bender cooks, Gaucho-style, on the open fire. Later they find a Saffron farm plus stop at the wine cave of the Gibbston Valley winery that took out the prize for the 'Best Pinot in the World' at the London International Wine Show.

Back in the wilderness, the boys are taught the art of trout stalking by ace guide Simon Wilkinson of South Island Guyides. Exhilarated, Bender gets a big bite, but loses the fish.