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Surfing The Menu

Surfing the Menu in the Southern Lakes, New Zealand

Cooking Travel Show

Bender and Mark are in a chopper with wilderness expert Jeremaia Fisk taking them out to Big Bay past snow covered peaks and thick dense forests to meet back-woodsman Dale Hunter and to have a surf on the most deserted wave in the world.

When they arrive, Dale has just killed a deer that Bender cooks, Gaucho-style, on the open fire. Later they find a Saffron farm plus stop at the wine cave of the Gibbston Valley winery that took out the prize for the 'Best Pinot in the World' at the London International Wine Show.

Back in the wilderness, the more

Amanda Jones

Middle Earth At Middle Age

Los Angeles Times: Special Travel Issue | New Zealand
Shedding Years of Urban Sissyhood Among the 'Lord of the Rings' Scenery on the South Island of New Zealand.

There was, I'll admit, a certain amount of anxiety that surfaced when I turned 40. To combat this, I returned to New Zealand, my homeland, summoned two childhood friends and headed for the backcountry. The point was to prove that I hadn't lost the gumption required to be a Kiwi girl and that the onerous march of time hadn't rendered me a hopeless urban sissy. For real wilderness, we knew we had to go to the more

Marcus Samuelsson in NZ

A New York Chef in New Zealand

Marcus Samuelsson is an award-winning chef and the co-owner of New York City’s famous Aquavit restaurant. Born in Ethiopia and raised in Sweden, his all-consuming passion for cooking has taken him to many parts of the world. This time, he found himself in New Zealand, where local delights such as horopito, kumara and rewena paraoa were wafted under his educated nose.

Jeremaia Fisk of South Island Guides gave Marcus a breathtaking peek at the limitless outdoor activities available in and around Queenstown. One outstanding adventure was a heli-hiking tour of Mount Nicholas, more